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my passion is for storytelling through photography

 As a wedding photographer, my mission goes beyond taking beautiful pictures. It's about creating an experience where you feel relaxed, confident, and truly yourselves. I strive to blend into the background, capturing the genuine emotions and unscripted moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours. Each wedding is a unique story, and my goal is to tell that story through my lens. From the joyous laughter of the bridal party to the tender moments shared between the couple, I aim to capture the essence of your love in every photograph. My unobtrusive style allows me to document the day as it naturally unfolds, ensuring that the true spirit of your wedding is preserved.
I often hear, "We are so awkward in photos," and I take pride in helping couples feel comfortable and natural. My goal is to create and capture those sweet, genuine moments between you and your partner. With years of experience and hundreds of weddings captured, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your wedding day. You can trust that I will handle every detail with professionalism and care.  My photography style is classic and timeless, focusing on natural light and authentic moments. I believe that the best photos are those that capture genuine emotions and the unique connections between people. My goal is to create images that not only look beautiful but also tell a story—your story. I approach each wedding with a fresh perspective, tailoring my style to match the unique vibe and personality of the couple. Whether it’s a rustic barn wedding, an elegant city affair, or a beachside celebration, I strive to blend into the background and capture the day as it naturally unfolds.

documenting intimate moments that

speak to the heart and soul

telling your unique story

Capturing the Essence of Your Story

documenting your most prized moments

I believe that your wedding day should be a seamless blend of joy, emotion, and beautiful moments. My goal is to capture these moments in a way that tells your unique story. From our initial consultation to the delivery of your final images, I strive to create an experience that is as memorable and enjoyable as the photographs themselves.

Our journey together begins with a consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss your vision for your wedding day. I want to hear all about how you met, the proposal, your wedding plans, and what makes your love story special. This meeting can take place over the phone, via video call, or in person if you’re local. Understanding your story helps me to tailor my approach to match your personalities and style, ensuring that your photos truly reflect who you are as a couple.

Once you’ve decided to work with me, we’ll dive into the planning process. I’ll help you with creating a timeline that ensures we capture all the important moments without feeling rushed. We’ll discuss the details of your day, from the getting-ready shots to the ceremony, portraits, and reception. My experience with hundreds of weddings means I can offer valuable insights and tips to help your day run smoothly. I’m here to make sure everything is perfectly planned.

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The Magic of Moments In Between

Each photograph is more than just an image; it’s a memory, a feeling, a fragment of a story that is uniquely yours. From the quiet anticipation of getting ready to the exuberant celebration of the reception, I document the day as it unfolds naturally. You’ll find joy in the candid smiles, tenderness in the exchanged vows, and a sense of timeless beauty in every carefully composed shot. While the grand gestures and key moments are undeniably beautiful, there is a special magic in the quiet, unguarded moments that happen in between. These are the moments that often go unnoticed—the laughter shared with a friend, the tender glance across a crowded room, the joyful tears of a parent. My portfolio is rich with these “in-between” moments, which are as integral to your story as the main events. If these images resonate with you, and you can envision your own love story captured with the same artistry and care, I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Let’s create something beautiful together—moments that will be treasured for a lifetime, captured in photographs that stand the test of time.

love notes from clients

'captured every emotional moment so perfectly"

I cannot say enough great things about Jess and her team. I tried writing this review several times but nothing I wrote seemed to represent how really amazing they are (I'm still not sure this does them justice). I got married four months ago but still can't watch our wedding videos without crying because it captured every emotional moment so perfectly. Investing in Jess Sinatra photography is more than just getting great photos, it is capturing the moments of your special day in a way that you can relive all of the amazing moments. From the formal shots to the candid moments, they captured every moment, smile, and sentiment. The day I got our gallery delivered I immediately went and started printing photos to hang up. Your wedding is an amazing day you will look back on for your lifetime together, and with Jess Sinatra photography you look back at the photos and videos and can relive those moments.

-Lindsey Williams

love notes from clients

 "went above and beyond at our wedding"

I first met Jess and her team at my best friends wedding. I loved how she gave direction on photos while also letting the couple (and the bridal party) show their personality. Jess was efficient so we could all enjoy cocktail hour. As soon as I got engaged (and even before picking a wedding venue!) I knew I wanted Jess and her team for photography and videography. While I haven’t had the big day yet, I was absolutely blown away by our complimentary engagement shoot. Jess’ team went above and beyond to shoot our session in Nantucket, a very special place to me. She came prepared with ideas for shots, and helped us by directing us where to look and how to place our arms/hands. This really helped me because I don’t consider myself photogenic. When I look at our engagement album every single photo is stunning, but most important to me, the photos are so “us.” You can see our silliness, happiness, and love in every shot. Our engagement shoot day was so special to me and a day Greg and I will never forget. I can’t wait for Jess to shoot our wedding next.

Updated after wedding: Small details
Jess Sinatra Photography & Videography went above and beyond at our wedding. They not only beautifully captured our day, helped us create a timeline, and gave us pointers on posing, but most importantly they got photos of the smallest details that truly captured the emotion of the day. The hug between your husband and older brother, the tattoo you got for your dad, your hand on your best friend's pregnant belly, the tears during speeches, and the all the smiles on the dance floor. There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Jess, Evan, and Mike are, and we can't wait to continue having them photograph life's big and small moments.

-the perrys

love notes from clients

"it’s hard to describe what an amazing job they did"

A++, 5 stars, 10/10!! Jess, Mike, and Evan are an absolutely incredible group of people, and it’s hard to describe what an amazing job they did throughout our whole wedding. If you are searching for a photographer & videographer, just stop now and hire this awesome team. This is the best decision you will make for your wedding! We will go back to them for any future photo/video needs, and this is where we will direct anyone else looking. The professionalism, knowledge, and experience cannot be matched.

On the wedding day itself, Jess & team were outstanding in helping us get through the day without missing a beat. We had scattered rainstorms on the day, and Jess & team literally watched the weather radar and stayed in contact with our coordinator to make sure the venue did not make a premature decision to setup the ceremony indoors. We had the most beautiful sunny outdoor ceremony, and I truly believe that’s thanks to Jess’ attention and involvement on the big day. They captured every moment we asked for, and all the ones we didn’t even realize we needed.

And the outcome, WOW! We received the sneak peak photos so quickly, and it was a whole album?! And then the video preview, which we immediately watched 10 times. We shared everything with our families and they all have the same reaction, just amazing results all around.

-Julianne Trasatti

love notes from clients

"the best decisions you make in your wedding planning process!"

If you are thinking about hiring Jess for your engagement/wedding photos...stop thinking and just DO IT, you will not regret it!! Our engagement session was amazing. I was so nervous to be in front of the camera but from the very first photo Jess made us both feel so at ease and comfortable, we had a blast! After that day I was even more excited for our wedding because it meant we'd get to work with Jess, Evan, and Mike again. The fact that Jess offers videography as well was a huge plus for us. I loved the idea of both photo and video being a team who know each other and work together so well versus having two different vendors. We had high expectations for our photos and video and this amazing team far exceeded them. Our video makes me cry every single time I watch it and I am so happy we have that to look back on for the rest of our lives. Jess delivered so many photos, way more than I was expecting and there is not one photo that we don't like! Each one tells its own story and brings me right back to the moment we were taking it. During our wedding Jess did an amazing job taking charge of a large/crazy wedding party and making sure we got all the photos we wanted! She stayed organized during all the chaos and helped make our day run smoothly! To top it all off, we had sneak peek photos within 24hrs, and a video teaser 48hrs after our wedding!! If you hire this amazing team it will be one of the best decisions you make in your wedding planning process!

-Callie Gray

real life love stories

A Boston city wedding at the Museum of science

Caleigh and Steve were fortunate to have a rain-free wedding day in October. The festivities began at a hotel near their venue, the Museum of Science. The morning was spent with Caleigh and her bridesmaids enjoying champagne.

 capturing the genuine emotions

and unscripted moments

A summer wedding at Mountain Top Resort in Vermont

Elyse and Greg embody the epitome of a fairy-tale romance! Their love story began in 2018, and after just their second date, Elyse confidently proclaimed that Greg was the one she would marry.